Discover the joys of Going Fishing

Fishing is one of the many reasons people travel to Romney Marsh. The very deep water off Dungeness point, is the home of modern beach casting as it projects uniquely out into the English channel. It attracts anglers from all over Europe to fish for many species all year round. The massive shingle beaches are famous for catching cod in the winter and mackerel in the summer - all from dry land. It is also possible to hire a charter board with skipper and go angling in the sea. Just offshore out in the channel you can catch the big boys; cod bass and many more. Local charter boats and their skippers’ contact details are listed below here:

Fairchance, Skipper: Jerry Oilier 01797 363544

Elizabeth, Skipper: Trevor Bunney 01797321282

Sea Otter, Skipper: Jason Adams 077 72708317

Peganina, Skipper: Anthony Hills 079 89778361

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